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Olivais do Sul


Olivais do Sul is a dynamic company with a young team. It’s specialized in olive groves and extra virgin olive oil production.

Based in the central Alentejo region of Portugal, a prime location for olive oil production, Olivais do Sul has 600 ha of olive groves – in high-density and super high-density systems – and a Mill with approximately 3.000sqm equipped with the last technology with an extraction capacity of 4.5 million litters of olive oil.

Olivais do Sul is an innovative company that is always seeking for the new and most advanced methods to produce the best extra virgin olive oil. Therefore its extra virgin olive oil won several awards in both national and international contests.

It is a company certified with – ISO 22.000 (Food safety systems), ISO 14.001 (Environment management) and IFS (Requirements for any organization in the food chain), reflected in the performance of good practices and allows the company to offer their clients high efficiency, while maintaining an environmentally responsible posture.


 Production Process

Olives Reception

Olives Reception

Harvested olives are unloaded into hoppers and sorted by quality and variety. They are then…
Olive Oil Extraction

Olive Oil Extraction

The olives are transferred to a hammermill, ground, and transformed into a paste. This is…


O azeite é armazenado em depósitos de aço inox em ambiente inerte a uma temperatura…


Bottling is carried out in a special unit under optimum conditions of hygiene. OLIVAIS DO…


Olivais do Sul produces high-standard olive oil by employing sustainable production methods. It seeks to preserve environmental by using cutting-edge technology.

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